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alpha demo version PS4 controller

Posted: Tue Mar 20, 2018 7:45 am
by Xstream14
Hi guys,
Jan-Henrik here from the Kickstarter page about some experiences with the PS4 Controller. (Sorry in advance, I am no native-speaker so I hope you'll understand everything I am about to write.)

First, something I am missing right now are subtitles. I am able to follow the spoken parts of the game but in the released version (optional) subtitles would be great.

What I really like are the environments in the background, the sounds, the voice acting and the planet descriptions, nice job there.

With the PS4 Controller I had two big issues. The first one is that the primary weapon cant be shooten. The equivalent button is "R2" but this brings you into Pause menu.
The rest of the weapons work just fine and are activated with the same located buttons on the PS4 Controller.
Regarding the menu handling I have to admit that the use of the cursor is not very suitable with a controller. This said, while setting up my ship I had no problems with the keyboard. But with the Controller I couldnt select the weapons for the ship so I got stuck at that point in the game.
Although the menu handling is not very handy with a Controller I do like the gameplay with Controller much better than with a keyboard.

I hope this feedback helps you guys even a little bit.

ps: I made some screenshots I would like to add for you but I cant figure out how do I add them.

Re: alpha demo version PS4 controller

Posted: Mon Mar 26, 2018 10:24 am
by Zugalu_Greg
Hey Jan-Henrik,

Thanks for the feedback. We are glad you like the demo. We just picked up a PS4 controller and are testing with it now. We will fix this issue right away. Sub titles are a great idea and we will add them to the our future update as well. Thanks again, we appreciate the feedback!!