My divorced parents are trying to make everything

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My divorced parents are trying to make everything

Post by misaamelia » Thu Jan 31, 2019 12:04 am

My mother who was completely steady of me showing signs of improvement only for reasons unknown chose to surrender a week ago she said I needed to go remain medium-term at my grandmothers somewhere around one per week which was one of the issues I had before since it took up a ton of my time away (since she generally said once per week yet it constantly wound up in like 4 times each week ensuring I was not at home all the time to build up specific abilities or a predictable life additionally my grandmother is equipped for settling a ton of these things however doesn't attempt) and that as well as it's unsanitary over yonder as well (odd water with little dark things drifting in it and everything else that isn't the water in the house is filthy as well) that I had settled for some time since I had my father talk her into not influencing me to go so much which disposed of a portion of my pressure yet my father (and step mother) then again chosen it was a smart thought for him and her to affront and badger my mother into never again taking me to my grandmothers such a great amount (rather than acting like grown-ups) yet the provocation made her vibe like poop clearly (which drove her to censure me for endeavoring to fix it and I never realized that he would act like this rather) that as well as he wants to take up my time too by taking Wednesday (or changes it to Tuesday haphazardly) pay someone to do your assignment and my whole ends of the week now and again (a few times should be just Sunday yet he changes it to an entire end of the week arbitrarily which you can envision truly irritates me) and something else that assembles onto my pressure is that school likewise wants to squander my time with a ton of homework and on the off chance that I miss one sheet or an online task my mother for the most part hollers at me about it the morning after and has the educator give me more homework to additionally squander my opportunity to anticipate me to make my life into something extraordinary later on which homework and school itself can't do to how silly the material is their instructing (in the event that you've viewed the YouTube recordings "don't remain in school" or "I sued the educational system" you'll hear what I'm saying) likewise my father and my mother won't let me drop out or anything to persue my fantasies so I surmise I'll simply need to work at mcdonalds for my grown-up life or kill myself before it deteriorates I don't comprehend what to do help.

Alter: I tried treatment once and amid it was the point at which I inspired my father to converse with my mother about remaining home yet after a month is the point at which she chose to make my life similarly as crappy as before by influencing me to go to my grandmothers as much as before that's right def killing myself one day

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