Приколы за день

Technolites is an action packed top down shooter with an epic animated adventure, fully voice acted. The first game in the genre to allow you to build your own ship, with dozens of unique parts and weapons. Technolites will be released in an episodic form. With the success of each episode leading to the development of further episodes. Once our goals are met for each episode(which will be posted) we will then continue the development process. Each episode taking about 2-3 months. Episode 1 will be released Sept 2018 and will introduce the story and characters to this adventure. The game will also include an endless level with leader boards to compete with your friends. In total there will be 5 episodes each with more weapons, cut scenes, game play and features.
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Приколы за день

Post by Jerrytep » Sat Jan 19, 2019 8:59 pm

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