CCNA Security Jobs

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CCNA Security Jobs

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The Future With The CCNA Security Course | Networking Jobs

Achieve associate level Cisco security knowledge and skills and prepare for the CCNA Security certification.

CCNA Security topics are below mentioned.
  • Understanding security threats facing modern networks
    Securing access to network devices
    Implementing AAA on networks
    Using ACLs to thwart potential network threats
    Ensuring secure network management and reporting
    Managing Layer 2 network attacks
    Implementing Cisco IOS firewall and Intrusion Prevention
    Executing site-to-site IPSec VPNs
    Ensuring effective security policies
    Explain and learn about Content and Endpoint Security in CCNA security training
The CNNA security credential demonstrates to employers that the holder is competent and qualified to handle a variety of network security tasks. The exam is exclusively offered through the network solutions giant Cisco.

Career Options:

Research shows that the most common jobs associated with the CCNA security credential are network engineer, specialist, manager and administrator. Additional jobs include systems engineer, a security analyst, and security engineer. Network security technicians design physical security solutions based on client requirements and technology limitations. Their duties include data validation, process documentation, drawing markups, device counts and bill of materials development. Their scope of work development will vary based on client’s needs and project requirements. They may be asked to help security teams with researching and recommending new security that addresses specific threat concerns. Forensic data breach analysis and malware reverse engineering are advanced duties of senior security technicians.

CCNA Security jobs available on Apply to Security Analyst, Network Operations Technician, Information Security Analyst and more!
I am a CCNA Security Engineer with 3 years of experience. A potential candidate can boost their career and other future opportunities with part-time CCNA Security work on

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