Glenway Gate

You have made having a website very fun and it was much easier than I have ever anticipated
Shannon Fox

Glenway gate wanted to add a lot more functionality to their website to increase their online leads and inquiries. They wanted us to use our development team to add tools so that their users could easily navigate throughout their website. One of which was allowing management to mark rooms that on floor plans so prospective tenants could see in real time what was still available or unavailable. We provided the user the ability to select font sizes on the website for older generations of users to read the website easier. We also provided online booking through the website connected with Gmail calendar that would notify the staff.

Glenway Gate is a 42-unit market and affordable housing development for seniors, in the established community of Glamorgan. Built by Trinity Place Foundation of Alberta, Glenway Gate offers seniors 65+ one- and two-bedroom rental apartments with a strong feeling of community.